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At Thornico we pride ourselves on the fact that our portfolio is comprised of such a diverse selection of companies. Our business is global – and we are involved in the food industry, in packaging, in shipping, in real estate, in online businesses, in sportswear and fashion as well as in financing.

Despite being a global company we strive to meet people, partners, employees and customers on equal terms. Our approach is tailored to the local market and we engage in any activity in a respectful manner and endeavour to adapt to any cultural differences.

Although Thornico has grown substantially over the years we still aspire to maintain the feeling of a small and family-based business. Irrespective of our growth we remain as flexible as a small company and as curious as a new company.
Christian and Thor Stadil at SANOVO Egg Group
   -  Havnegade 36 - 5000 Odense C  -  Denmark  -  Tel: +45 3312 6510  -  Fax: +45 3312 6050  -  E-mail: info@thornico.com

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