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Dear visitor, Welcome to the THORNICO World!

In 2009, as part of our corporate identity process, we tried to put into words what we believe makes our company special and unique.

First of all, we are a family owned business consisting of a global group of companies within a variety of business areas, the primary being: Food and Technology, Shipping, Sport and Fashion, Real Estate and Financing.

Moreover the thing we kept coming back to was, whilst on one side we are a global company with subsidiaries, factories, sales offices etc. all over the world, on the other side - and to quote the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard - we strive to meet people, employees, partners and customers alike -”where they are”- to have a local approach, respecting and adapting to both market and cultural differences. In that aspect you could call us a glocal company.

This interlinked with the fact that even though we have grown substantially through the years, we endeavor to keep the ‘small company and family feeling.’ This also in terms of staying flexible, agile and maybe most importantly – curious.

Furthermore we exist and act in a world that is becoming more and more interconnected. With this 
increased connectedness what follows is increased transparency and one can choose to see this as something negative or, as we think one should, as something positive. Using it to draw us closer to the people we work with, ‘tearing down silos’ and thinking of involvement, shared leverage and giving ownership - characteristics which we also, at the end of our corporate identity process, illustrated and embodied in our THORNICO group logo.

We are delighted in your interest in THORNICO and hope this website provides you with information that ignite your curiosity and that it will serve as a guide on your journey through the THORNICO world.

Enjoy the trip! 

Thor Stadil & Christian Stadil
Thor and Christian Stadil are avid mountaineers and their passion for heights is reflected in the way they manage Thornico. The past years the company has grown substantially. 
   -  Havnegade 36 - 5000 Odense C  -  Denmark  -  Tel: +45 3312 6510  -  Fax: +45 3312 6050  -  E-mail: info@thornico.com

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