MyKarma is an employee platform for everyone who is part of the THORNICO group all around the world. On this site, we celebrate and share the CompanyKarma that exists within each and every THORNICO Company and the personal karma that thrives within each and every THORNICO employee. We thereby encourage you to open up your world of Karma and help us share the many stories about Karma existing in THORNICO and beyond.

The MyKarma site has two functions:

The MyKarma Projects is a new initiative, seeking to spread the CompanyKarma philosophy beyond the borders of the THORNICO Group. Whether you are a company, manager or employee - every action counts in making the world a better place to live, and we want you to tell their story of what you do to spread Karma even further. Through your MyKarma Project, you can open up your world of Karma to THORNICO and your colleagues over the world, helping us to spread the Karma to every corner of the world.

The THORNICO Awards is a well-known annual employee celebration of the many passionate and dedicated employees in THORNICO.  On these pages, you will be able to find everything you need to know about the THORNICO Awards, including descriptions of the awards, how you nominate and information on previous winners.

With these words, we invite you to share the Karma together with your colleagues all around the world. 

Good Energy and Good Karma!