Our Corporate Culture aims at creating a feeling and sense of meaning, value and identity in the THORNICO group companies as for the individual employee. To support a Corporate Culture across the THORNICO world, we have developed and are constantly thinking of new platforms and activities that celebrate the dedication of our employees as well as keep engaging them through different initiatives.


Celebrating colleagues

The THORNICO Awards is an annual celebration of the many talented, dedicated and competent employees in the THORNICO Group all around the world.

We all know that person, who did something extraordinary, who is full of good ideas and who gladly helps, where help is needed. The THORNICO Awards is an opportunity to praise these colleagues and show appreciation of their work, ideas, and way of being. The Awards is divided into three categories with the following criteria;

Honours colleagues who are able to generate ideas to such an extent that it creates value or have distinguished themselves by a golden idea that has created a positive change.

Is a tribute to colleagues who ooze the spirit Company Karma encourages: doing good while doing business or, in particular, demonstrate a strong spirit in their work and workplace relationships, thus imparting a positive direction into their work.

Is the category in which we honour colleagues who are good at involving and cooperating across a department, a company or a group.

The THORNICO Awards are celebrated in two rounds: a local championship and a global grand finale. All THORNICO employees can nominate any colleague, but CEO level, in the conglomerate. From all the nominees, each group company finds a Local Winner within the three awards categories. Besides the great honour of becoming a Local Winner and receiving our Local Winner Kit, all the Local Winners are also automatically nominated for the global award. The three overall global winners is found each fall and rewarded with great prices as well as a place on the THORNICO Wall of Fame.

Global Award winners 2022


Ozge Köserecep
Hummel, Turkey

Company Karma

Victoria Crawford


Anita Kristiansen
STANICO, Denmark


MyKarma Projects help spread good
karma to every corner of the world

In THORNICO, we want to celebrate all the great initiatives our colleagues all over the world are part of in their spare time. When they volunteer for the local sports club or a specific organisation. When they help fundraise for charity, start a local recycling project or anything in between, we call these initiatives a MyKarma Project. We believe that when our colleagues share their world of karma, they inspire others to do the same and help spread good karma to every corner of the world. That is initiatives we want to celebrate and contribute to, and therefore, we annually donate DKK 25,000 for an inspiring MyKarma Project from one of our colleagues.

Previous MyKarma Projects winners



Denisa Rodríguez from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, South America and her MyKarma Project: YOU CAN 



Alejandro Gandini from Lactosan, Uruguay and his MyKarma Project: San Rafael, more than a women's soccer team



Martijn van Dijk from SANOVO TECHNOLOGY, Netherlands and his MyKarma Project: Handicap or limitations, think in possibilities and dream! Live!

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