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OVODAN EGG GROUP holds the industry leadership position in the production of egg powders. Over the years, it has developed an unrivalled depth of expertise in egg processing; from freshly laid eggs to final end products, the OVODAN can help customers take advantage of the functionality of eggs. Today, OVODAN is trusted worldwide as a dependable provider of high-quality liquid and powdered egg-based products as well as a full range of catering products.

Our full range of solutions are designed to cover every application for short-term or long-term needs with market-leading expertise and resources to help customers accelerate product development.

Henrik Pedersen


Formed in 2004, OVODAN FOODS (China) is the newest member of the OVODAN EGG GROUP. China’s egg consumption is the highest in the world; however, egg products remain scarce, while the industry is developing. OVODAN FOOD produces egg products of the highest quality and safety, following the strict international standards for the benefit of the food industry in China. In order to ensure quality control, OVODAN established its own egg-laying farm in 2006.

Since our establishment in 2004 near Shanghai, we have kept on growing the business. Today, we are recognised as the leading company in this field, and the OVODAN brand is well-known in the food ingredients industry.

Wayne Liu



OVODAN BIOTECH is a contract research organisation within the Danish biotech sector. It develops customised antibodies for use in immunological assays and diagnostics. With high experience within chicken antibodies, OVODAN BIOTECH holds extensive knowledge of developing antibodies in hens and how to purify these biomolecules from the egg yolk. For the purification, a unique one-step technology has been established and perfected, which allows OVODAN BIOTECH to benefit from the generous source of eggs without the use of harsh chemicals.

Over the last couple of years, OVODAN BIOTECH has expanded the antibody platform to include recombinant antibodies and protein expression. This allows the company to provide a complete solution for immuno-assay developers.

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