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On a rainy afternoon in 1923, a young shoemaker named Albert Messmer was watching a football match in his hometown of Eppendorf, noticing how all players were sliding around, losing their grip on the muddy pitch. This sparked the idea and development of his first sports performance product – a pair of football cleats. Young Albert partnered up with his brother Michael and founded a company called “hummel” – the German word for bumblebee. A bumblebee is not supposed to fly due to the way it is built, defying the laws of gravity. But when wearing Messmer’s football cleats, players were suddenly able to do moves and tricks on the pitch - and therefore, the name “hummel” was the obvious choice for the company – today a true heritage sports and lifestyle brand.

We might not be the biggest sports brand in the world – but we always strive to be the most engaged and dedicated. We will use our brand strength to create positive change in the world through the purpose projects that we support and how we design, produce and market our goods in respect of the environment.

 Allan Vad Nielsen


Company Karma has become an essential and integral part of hummel over the last decades. With the mission - Change the World through Sport - hummel has initiated and supported an array of social sports projects around the globe - using sport as a catalyst for positive change.

DID YOU KNOW? Normally, it takes 25 liters of fresh clean water to dye just one single t-shirt. That’s why hummel has introduced ZEROH2O - a dry-dye concept with zero water consumption and zero waste-water discharges. Read more

The urge to make a difference and change the world through sport is always reflected in how hummel does business, how hummel conducts itself and continuously pushes design and development across its three business units: Sport, Style and Kids.

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