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It all started in 1981 with the founder of Newline, Helge Petersen, hanging in a parachute between sky and earth. Back on the ground he started wondering why his suit was wet, and the parachute already dry. With a background from the Danish Special Forces and many years as a runner, he used the parachute to create an innovative range of functional products with a focus on durability, details and comfort.

DID YOU KNOW? As of January 2020, hummel acquired the activities of Performance Group Scandinavia A/S including the brands Newline and HALO.


Moving our bodies has more to offer, even in the small scale of things, it gives us a feeling. A feeling of freedom and wellbeing. It gives us energy, a better sex life, lifts our self-esteem and lowers our pulse (after some time, anyway). It gives us greater patience, a clearer mind and healthier perspective. It gives us joy. Not necessarily on the go, but always during the hours after and the following days even. It lifts our lives and the corner of our mouths. That’s why we love it and have made a living of sharing that passion with you. That’s why we design clothes to join you and support you all the way. Comfort at the core. Nothing beats the feeling.


Newline products are all about quality: functionality, comfort and breathability. Still true to the brands DNA Newline wants to support the everyday runner with quality products in clean Scandinavian design.

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