THORNICO's LE NON MOI prize is presented annually to an individual or team who, through their art, research or communication, enables more people to experience le non-moi.

Le non-moi is the important state of mind in which we forget the certainty of the self and allow ourselves to be absorbed, so that it feels as if time stops, disappears and everything is flowing. It is in that state of mind that we as humans are at our best and feel best.

It can be the work of art in which we forget ourselves, the music that makes us forget about time and place, the book that lifts us away. But it can also be research into the mind, for example, consciousness or psychedelics or dissemination of or teaching in meditation, breathwork, yoga or biohacking.

This is precisely what we want to pay tribute to with the LE NON MOI - THORNICO PRIZE, of DKK 250,000 as well as a unique artwork from a globally recognized artist.

The prize cannot be applied for but is given to a specially selected individual or team by Thor & Christian Stadil and THORNICO Holding.


LE NON MOI – THORNICO Prize recipient 2023

Prize winner 2023 | Wim Hof

Wim Hof is a leading global teacher and inspirator when it comes to the health of mind and body as well as spiritual development. He promotes the importance of using a combination of breathwork, cold exposure and commitment; The Wim Hof Method, as a way of getting people out of their minds and into their bodies, to achieve increased physical as mental health and well-being - ultimately to experience Le non-moi; the state of mind where we let go of ourselves, to find ourselves and where we as humans are at our best and feel the best.

Learn more about Wim Hof here

Film production: Flig Collective 


LE NON MOI – THORNICO Prize recipient 2022

Prize winner 2022 | Torben Ulrich

Torben Ulrich is the natural first choice as recipient of the LE NON MOI Prize. Besides, as one of very few people, being a true polymath working across sports, art, music and literature, he has also communicated and embedded the notion of No-Mind and Le non-moi concretely into his oeuvre as well as having actively experimented with different states and the science of mind and consciousness via yoga and meditation.

Learn more about Torben Ulrich here

Lars Movin receiving the LE NON MOI Prize 2022 on behalf of Torben Ulrich.

Film production: Tobias Scavenius

By the Danish filmmaker Andreas Johnsen of Rosforth Films