THORNICO reaches milestone

It is with great excitement that we today post our 2021 annual results for the entire THORNICO Group. Despite the continuing impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic and challenging market conditions across industries, THORNICO comes out with historical earnings and revenue records for 2021. 

Christian Nicholas Stadil, CEO and owner, THORNICO:

“2021 has in many ways been an extreme year with COVID-19 influencing various markets especially in Q1, as well as with substantial rising commodity and energy prices in Q3 and Q4. However, our conglomerate structure, with risk diversification across various industries, markets and product groups, has once again shown its relevance." (...) 

Thor Stadil, Chairman of the Board, THORNICO:

“The biggest revenue driver in 2021 has been our shipping company THORCO PROJECTS, which with its new asset-light business model has been incredibly skilled at taking advantage of the unique market situation in the world. The challenges that other companies in the THORNICO Group experiences regarding cargo, THORCO PROJECTS manages to make a profit from." (...)

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our CEO and owner, Christian Stadil.



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Press release (English):

Press release (Danish)


06 June 2024

Our CEO and Owner Christian Stadil shares a few words on our consolidated THORNICO results as well as a few top headlines from the Group.