Company Karma Report 2019

You can read more about THORNICO's commitments and development in the Company Karma Report.

Company Karma Report 2019

THORNICO seeks to establish a widespread and global commitment to responsible business practices in order to support the transparency and interconnectedness of its businesses all over the world. You can read more about THORNICO's commitments and development in the Company Karma Report.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” - Alan Watts

In last year’s Company Karma report, I wrote an entry in which I mentioned that if we reached our budget goals for 2019 - which we did - we would invite all C-level employees across companies for strategy meetings and teambuilding during the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

As we now know, the Olympics were postponed and all travels are still, as I am writing this mid-April, prohibited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has had a big effect on our company; on how we communicate, on our daily tasks and work, new and more digital business models, short term on our budgets and cash flow although our conglomerate structure has shown its worth, but also and maybe most importantly on our mindset.

Since many companies, including THORNICO group companies, are in survival or at least very operational day-to-day mode, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its traditional sense of the acronym is maybe not the biggest focus area these days.

I truly believe this period has shown us how vulnerable but also how interdependently connected we are on this planet and how dependent we are on each other; as people and nations - maybe even making room for a new global narrative.

Moreover, we have experienced and realised how fast we can create a positive change for example when it comes to the environment and the climate: clear blue skies over normally polluted cities like Delhi, Beijing and Los Angeles, coyotes seen on the Golden Gate Bridge and birds heard singing on 5th Avenue in New York, for which reason amongst others I am sure that CSR for us in the THORNICO group, post corona, will play an even more important role.

Rumi said, “the quieter you become the more you are able to hear“ and this is truly the saying for this period; the great pause.

We now have a new baseline to compare with in terms of what is important, what makes us proud and what makes us richer in another sense of the word, in our companies as well as on a personal level. Many truths have arisen; truths that normally are covered by deafening noise and frantic speed.

Will we go back to the old ways?! Somewhat and maybe. But I believe that something will stick.

All the closed doors will have opened new ones.

I myself have fallen quite in love with being telepresent and I am as sure as one can be in an impermanent world that some of this behaviour will stick: fewer travels and psychical meetings, focus on what is really important.

But moreover, this feeling of humbling dependency on our planet as on other people’s actions will motivate us to strive and to try harder; the results of which you should and must be able to read out of the coming Company Karma reports from THORNICO.


All the best and good energy,
Christian Stadil, CEO and owner of THORNICO

Read more about our dedication to Company Karma in THORNICO's Company Karma Report here.

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