2022 season's greetings from THORNICO

Before you leave us for the holiday, please take a minute to watch the THORNICO winter greetings where our CEO and owner, Christian Stadil, is wrapping up 2022 in the THORNICO Group. 

2022 season's greetings from THORNICO

This year has been another exciting one for the group with big investments, kick-off of our Group strategy towards 2028, our ’’Southampton 2028 plan’’ as we call it. We have had the biggest THORNICO Event ever and a historical group revenue record of, projected, 12,5 billion DKK to boot.

It shows a solid and sustainable business model based on our conglomerate structure.

A business model, though, can not stand alone.

Had it not been for all of our good colleagues around the world, none of this for sure could have been achieved. 

We are looking forward to an adventurous 2023, navigating through and hopefully around the biggest reefs, together with all of you.


Thank you very much for your time.
We wish you all a fantastic holiday.



Honorary consul of Bhutan

02 February 2023

Our CEO and owner Christian Stadil was officially appointed as the honorary consul of Bhutan with a Buddhist ceremony at the Bhutanese embassy in Brussels.

THORNICO Award winners 2022

05 November 2022

Meet this year's global award winners in each of the three categories; Company Karma, Idea and Synergy.