The THORNICO Awards is an annual celebration of the many talented, dedicated and competent employees in the THORNICO Group all around the world. We all know that person, who did something extraordinary, who is full of good ideas and who gladly helps, where help is needed. The THORNICO Awards is an opportunity to praise that colleague and show your appreciation of their work, ideas, and way of being. 

How does it work?

The THORNICO Awards is divided into two rounds: a local championship and a global grand finale.  In the local championship, all THORNICO employees can nominate any colleague for one of the three awards, Karma, Idea and Synergy. From all nominees, there will be found three local winners in each group company, who besides the great honor of winning the local championship, are directly nominated for the global grand finale. The three overall global winners will be found at the THORNICO Event on October 4th., 2019 and rewarded with great prizes. 

How do I nominate?

You can nominate your colleague by filling out the online form on the nominate your colleague site. You can also nominate by filling out the form in this document and send it to companykarma@thornico.com. You will have until June 21st., 2019 to nominate your colleague.

Who can I nominate?

All employees worldwide but CEO level can be nominated for the awards.

What awards?

The THORNICO Awards is divided into three awards with the following criteria:

The Company Karma Award:  The Karma award is not only about being a good and helpful colleague. It also praises the culture carrying employee, who has played a pivotal part in strengthening the corporate culture by spreading good karma and energy in the company. This employee is an inspiration, high performer and a creator of a fertile and intriguing work environment for other colleagues.

Prize: A Company Karma Trip, a Company Karma Kit, 10.000,- DKK Tax-Free,  and a place in the THORNICO Hall of Fame.

The Idea Award: Ideas can create change and give new opportunities. The Idea Award is suited for the THORNICO employee, who developed an idea or strengthened and supported the creative and innovative processes, pushing the company in new directions or seizing opportunities that create value for our major stakeholders in order to benefit the company.

Prize: An Idea generating Conference, an Idea Kit including the Idea Lamp, 10.000,- DKK Tax-Free and a place in the THORNICO Hall of Fame

The Synergy Award: Improving the way we work together can create better teamwork, knowledge sharing, and economic savings. The Synergy & Collaboration Award is suited for the employee or team of employees who have promoted synergy and contributed to better collaboration within the company or across the group. This individual or group has introduced new ways or systems of working together, securing a better work-flow in the organization.

Prize: The Synergy Trophy, 10.000,- DKK Tax-Free, a Synergy Dinner, a Synergy Kit and a place in the THORNICO Hall of Fame.