Global winners

company Karma

Lisbeth Romero

Productos Danimex 


Lisbeth Romero is a fantastic person whom with her strong commitment to the company is very inspirational to her whole team despite the extreme dramatic overall situation they are undergoing in Venezuela, as well as the tough internal situation. She has proven to be a very strong leader but also an empathic person and a person with strong integrity. With her as CEO the company has performed very well the given situation taken into consideration.

Lisbeth and her team have adopted the motto “SI SE PUEDE!” meaning “YES IT CAN BE DONE!” and this motto really does tell everything about her and her team in a country which they love but also makes them face challenges every day, which are well beyond our imaginations. End March this year they did celebrate the 30 years of anniversary of Productos Danimex and here the whole team was lining up in a video saying, “thanks for believing in us, thanks for believing in Venezuela”, a very touching moment.

We must not forget that these colleagues are going through limit situations. Many of the employees cannot access the needed food, medicines and basic services such as health care, public transportation, electricity, even a piece of soap. Therefore, loss of weight leading to weakness and fainting at work, skin diseases and other issues have taken place within the workers of Productos Danimex, where the company has provided food and other support to improve such critical situation.

Thanks for being a caring and helpful leader.

Well done and congratulations, Lisbeth.


Mike Curtis 

Sanovo Technology Group, USA 


Mike works hard every day on making sure that SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has a cooperate spirit. It is important that everyone understands and works as part of a whole, as this is the only way we can reach the ambitious goals, while also having a positive and motivating atmosphere. Mike is a great contributor to this! He is always helpful and supportive, he is able to use his knowledge and experience in a positive manner to ensure moving forward towards new and higher goals.

Further, he is always focused on how we can do better in the THORNICO Group by assisting other companies in the organization. For example, Mike has spent many hours helping hummel US to get everything in place with the new setup. He has assisted with HR-setup and health benefits among other things and is always taking the time needed to make sure we do a good job. 

Well done to this year’s greatest synergist, Mike Curtis! 

Thanks for being a part of THORNICO.


Jeanette Kristensen 



Jeanette is always lending a helping hand no matter the task. The case where 30.000 towels were delivered from a supplier without hangtag is a perfect example hereof. At very short notice, Jeanette took an initiative to handle the problem. 

The fault was from the supplier, and their responsibility to get fixed, but in order for hummel to deliver the towels to the customers in time, they needed to do something. In short time, Jeanette gathered many people to work from early morning until midnight for 3 days. Jeanette completed the mission and is the main reason that the towels were delivered to customers on time. 

Without the help from everyone, hummel would not have been ready to launch the campaign with the towels. The action and idea were on Jeanette’s initiative. 

For this reason and many more, we are grateful that you are a part of the THORNICO Group. 

Well done and congratulation, Jeanette.