Lactosan has entered into a new Company Karma partnership with the Danish NGO Dairy Without Borders (Mejerifolk Uden Grænser).

The NGO focuses on establishing and supporting minor local projects within the milk and dairy sector in selected developing countries.
 Typically, projects focus on:

  • Transferring skills, knowledge and/or training in the milk and dairy sector.

  • Creating economically and environmentally sustainable projects that contribute to lift small local communities to a higher level in terms of use, processing, storage and possible sales of their dairy products.

  • Supporting an organizational approach to the projects with the aim of securing knowledge sharing and long-term management, inspired by the Danish cooperative tradition.

  • Involving women in the projects is a prevalent focus where relevant.

  • The projects do not have any commercial character.

Initially, the partnership will help a small dairy cooperative in the district city Kiteto in Tanzania. The Kiteto Dairy Cooperative has a daily milk intake of up to 750 liters and is entirely farm-owned by 60 smallholder farmers.

CEO at Lactosan, Jørn Frandsen says: "In Thornico we call Corporate Social Responsibility for Company Karma and have decided that we wish to support the UN goals under the motto ’Doing good while doing business’. We have many smaller projects around the world i.e. support of children's soccer near our factory in Uruguay. However, it is new to us to support a production from our own world - dairy.’’

Jørn sees a long-term perspective in the project with an upscaling of the weighing in and production at the dairy to help improve the livelihoods for families in the local area.

He continues: "To begin with the NGO and their many skilled volunteers will basically be the primary consultants and advisors. However, it is also a possibility for the dairy graduates at Lactosan to become involved in this project. We take Company Karma seriously and it is also about creating pride and engagement among our employees so that they can feel part of the journey and feel that we can make a difference for people and countries that are challenged. It is my clear impression that Dairy without Borders do create results in their projects around the world which is also why we have chosen them as our CSR-partner for the years to come.’


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