Congratulations - Thor Stadil, 75

Who was the boy who cashed in rent from the other kids for living in a hut built out of clay, boards, twigs and branches? That is what the natives of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, then Tanganyika, questioned each other in the late 1950s.

Congratulations - Thor Stadil, 75

The boy was named Thor Stadil, and today he turns 75 (November 7). When talking to people who went to school with Thor - at Busses Private School in Hellerup from 1950 to 1955 - they tell that the children often did not play until Thor attended school and gave them permission and instructions of who to play with and how. Thor lived with his family, including his brother Uffe Christoffersen, who today is a recognized painter, and his beloved now-deceased mother, Elise, named “Bedsten”. First they lived in Nairobi and then in Dar-es-Salaam.

Thor started in municipal school when returning back home from Africa where he had a difficult time settling down, which is why the school advised “Bedsten” to take Thor out of school to allow him to become an apprentice in postal service. Yet, ‘Bedsten’ believed that the universe had bigger plans for Thor Stadil, why she pulled him out of school. Afterward, Thor went to Stenhus boarding school, which back then was considered Denmark’s top boarding school. Here the young man was noticed in a positive manner. Thor continued to be noticed, first as one of Denmark’s top business lawyers and most active board members, as senior partner at Pontoppidan, Philip & Partnere and as off today an active chairman of the board with over 150 travel days a year for THORNICO A/S, which today consists of 157 companies, including Lactosan, OVODAN, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, THORCO PROJECTS, TRITHORN BULK and hummel.

In Thor’s leisure he is gardening and caring for his park on Northern Funen, spending time with his wife throughout more than 50 years, Kisser, and his four grandchildren, Winston, Hamilton, Harper and Archibald. Additionally, during wintertime, Thor is skiing in the Alpes, still off-pisting. Mountaineering, which Thor has practiced for many years with his son Christian (with whom he also runs THORNICO), has been put on hold for a bit. Nevertheless, at the age of 60, Thor has achieved one of the oldest climbers of Aconcagua - the highest mountain in the world besides the Himalayas - located on the border between Chile and Argentina. His son, Christian, calls him the Danish Warren Buffet, and as of today, Buffet is 89 - why it is certainly not the last we have heard from Thor Stadil.


06 June 2024

Our CEO and Owner Christian Stadil shares a few words on our consolidated THORNICO results as well as a few top headlines from the Group. 

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