Exciting things in the pipeline

Upcoming collaborations, new books and more features - CEO, Rune Thyboe Vejersø is sharing the latest news and stories from My Best Book.

Exciting things in the pipeline

At My Best Book, things are moving fast as always. New offices, 30+ full-time team members, 20+ countries with some big ones still to come.

On the book front, we're continuing to publish amazing personalised children's books where the child is the protagonist of the story.

In the last 12 months, we've started some exciting collaborations and published My Little Pony and Transformers books and together with the Danish Football Association (DBU), we've put out a special 'Euro 2020' book. Just around the corner are even more collaborations, including some of the biggest children's characters in the world; we can't wait to share more.


Beyond that, we've continued to publish our original stories and we've worked on being even more inclusive with our existing books where we've added same-sex parents, single parents, many more hairstyles and various other features in several books.

The result has been amazing growth top and bottom and we're in the midst of investing heavily in people and marketing so we can continue to take the world by storm. 2020 was tumultuous for everyone and we are happy and grateful that we experienced more ups than downs. A lot more right around the corner; we hope to share more very soon.

Rune Thyboe Vejersø
CEO, My Best Book

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06 June 2024

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