hummel is on a mission...

… and has been for more than 20 years. Since hummel was handed over to Thor and Christian in the late 90’ies the mission for hummel has been to Change The World Through Sport.

hummel is on a mission...

In a time where hate grows bigger and stronger on online channels, it’s never been more relevant to spread some good old love! And hummel tries to do that through supporting those who fight to help Change The World Through Sport. 

hummel announces the continuation of the Love Athletes campaign, championing unique personalities changing the world through their belief in the power of sport. It’s the third season it presents a training collection through people who are trying to change the world through sport.

The starting point for this specific concept is to celebrate heroes from all over the world who really try to make a difference within the sport that they love. These guys are not top athletes or world champions, but they have a passion. This search for role models, as opposed to fashion models, keeps on being rewarding and hummel feels very privileged to be able to tell these stories.

Honorary consul of Bhutan

02 February 2023

Our CEO and owner Christian Stadil was officially appointed as the honorary consul of Bhutan with a Buddhist ceremony at the Bhutanese embassy in Brussels.

2022 season's greetings from THORNICO

22 December 2022

Before you leave us for the holiday, please take a minute to watch the THORNICO winter greetings where our CEO and owner, Christian Stadil, is wrapping up 2022 in the THORNICO Group.