Solar panels in the THORNICO group

Solar panels in the THORNICO group

When we build new production and logistics facilities within our group, we need to consider the green transition in the process. Over the past few years, we have made significant investments in solar energy. Our newly built factory at SANOVO TECHNOLOGY in Holland and our recently established distribution centre in Padborg are excellent examples.

For instance, in Padborg, a 4,000 m2 solar panel installation has been established on the warehouse's roof, making the building energy self-sufficient and significantly reducing its CO2 footprint. It may seem pretty straightforward, but the impact is substantial.

All in all, we have established more than ten solar panel installations in the group and counting.




06 June 2024

Our CEO and Owner Christian Stadil shares a few words on our consolidated THORNICO results as well as a few top headlines from the Group. 

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