We went hardcore at the THORNICO event 2019!

Every year we arrange an event where we celebrate our colleagues and where Company Karma is the wide storyline. This year we went Hardcore* (*the most active, committed, or strict members of a group or movement).

We went hardcore at the THORNICO event 2019!

In the THORNICO Group, we have a very strong Company Karma philosophy in which we are all very committed and engaged. Our karma culture is taken seriously, and we are a dedicated group of employees across companies, industries and national borders that actively makes a difference in the world. This is possible because of everyone’s active engagement and therefore we consider ourselves a hardcore movement of people doing good while doing business.

The hardcore spirit unfolded at Odeon on October 4, during the evening with an inspirational speech from BS Christiansen, former elite soldier and US Ranger, about taking ownership of your life, cold exposure experience and Win Hoff breathing techniques with Birger Hanzen, MMA session with UFC fighter, Nicolas Dalby, and of course tattoo sessions with the talented artists from Iron & Ink.

Also, our CEO and Owner, Christian Stadil was on stage taking us through his THORNICO 360 presentation with record-breaking results across the group as well as a new Company Karma donation amongst other exciting news.

An essential part of the THORNICO Event is about celebrating our colleagues in true Company Karma spirit and therefore, we crowned the global awards winners with a special award celebration. The winners are crowned in three categories: Company Karma, Synergy and Idea. There is something special about clapping and cheering loudly and lovingly at the people who make it particularly enjoyable to go to work. You can meet this year's global THORNICO Award winners here.

Additionally, we also presented the winner of the MyKarma Project 2019. A MyKarma Project can be big or small, and everything in between. It can involve one person or thousands of people, your local community or maybe even the planet. It is about doing something good and extending our Company Karma philosophy into our private life organized after working hours. The MyKarma Project award of 2019, was given to Luca Campodonico from Thorco Project for his project, PLASTIC FREE BEACH. Luca is organizing beach clean-ups with other volunteers in his hometown Chiavari, Italy. In just one day the team collected 112 kg of plastic from the beach. Hopefully, the award and the DKK 25.000 can help arrange even more beach clean-ups in the future and help inspire others. Congratulations! Read more about Luca’s project here.

As an established tradition, we had THORNICO Karma goodie bags, with our limited edition THORNICO Event t-shirt and bucket designed with inspiration from our hardcore theme. Additionally, the goodie bag held the New York Times best-selling book, Why Buddhism is True, which is about Buddhism from a scientific and practical point of view and a honey jar made from our very own beehive on top of the THORNICO Building in Rotterdam was also a part of this year's goodie bag.

In keeping up with tradition, this year’s THORNICO Event was also captured on camera by our skilled photographers, Jesper Bøjlund and Claudi Cramer, who made sure to perpetuate moments from our event.  We also had a Myselfie photo booth where all our guests could capture fun pictures together with colleagues and create memories with a lot of different THORNICO props - with 400 pictures taken, we must say it was a huge success!

In total, the THORNICO Event 2019 was a fun, memorable and magical evening filled with moments of award celebrations, inspirational speeches, hardcore entertainment and experiences, and delicious food. We finished the event with dance, karma drinks and lots of confetti, to the sound of DJ Anthon’s party records.

Thank you all for a wonderful evening.

Press PLAY on the THORNICO event movie below to watch or relive the fantastic event.

Photo and video credit: Jesper Bøjlund and Claudi Cramer / Creative Republic


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