Exclusive interview

The first six months of 2021 have now almost passed. At Woomio, this means time for reflection on the past months and planning for the rest of the year. To scope in on exactly that, we have asked CEO, Zeth Edwardsen, to highlight what is up and down with Woomio halfway through the year. 

Exclusive interview

Before we get to the interview, let’s start with a brief introduction to Woomio to get the context right. Woomio is a software company founded by Zeth Edwardsen (CEO) and Torsten Petersen (CTO) in 2014. Together they created an influencer marketing software that is currently used by more than +5000 marketers across the globe. Multiple brands and agencies benefit from the software daily to run data-driven influencer marketing campaigns through detailed prospecting of the right influencers to collaborate with, in-depth measures of influencer campaign performances and easy reporting across campaigns. In short, an all-in-one software for companies who want to get the full value out of their influencer marketing.

Now, let’s get back to Zeth.

With the context of your business in place, can you put a few words into the vision of Woomio?

Sure thing! We have a clear purpose at Woomio that is to empower our customers to touch their customers with more meaningful and relevant conversations. What that essentially means is that we aim to help brands drive more effective and data-driven influencer marketing at scale through our all-in-one software.

You also raised venture capital back in December 2020 to bring your vision to life. How has this impacted your ambitions for 2021?

Where to start? Well. First and foremost, Woomio is now growing faster than ever before. We are close to 30 people in total now, including more than 13 different nationalities. While we are still ramping up on more skilful employees throughout the rest of 2021, the rapid increase has already helped us enable our vision at an even greater scale. And it makes me proud every day to see how we still managed to retain our strong culture of always putting our customers first in everything we do.

The venture capital has also given us the opportunity to double down on our go-to-market efforts. And the results from our media spends are already very promising, with clear indications that the value we offer has no boundaries across countries. So, while our targets for 2021 may be ambitious, I’m confident that we can make it with the many different departments, old and new ones, already working together as one strong unit.

What trends do you see in the market right now related to influencer marketing?

There are two clear trends to highlight in this sense. The first one is that many brands, already working with influencer marketing, are still running their campaigns on a manual basis with a lot of unnecessary complexity added to their processes. They have a clear need for an all-in-one software like ours, and we often experience a big relief from new customers trying out our tool for the first time.

The second trend is that many brands start to recognize influencer marketing as a legitimate marketing channel and that they need to “get on the train” before their competitors do. Yet this can be a very frustrating and difficult thing to start up if you have never worked with influencers before. In such cases, we’ve helped many brands get started with our software. For many, influencer marketing is now an integral part of their marketing mix along with our software to discover, manage and report on their campaigns.

In regards to both trends, we experience a great need for brands to prove the value of influencer marketing through performance data, like they are used to from other marketing channels. With data at our heart, this is key in everything we develop on our software, and our customers quickly find out that they can experience great value and measurable results by doing influencer marketing right - with the right tools.

So. Where is Woomio 6 months from now?

This can actually be answered quite simply. We are more great people from many different countries, providing more value to even more happy customers out in the world. We scale up on everything we do, and 2021 is only the beginning of our journey.

Thank you Zeth and best of luck to both you and Woomio.

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